Community Development Projects


The objective of the community development programs is to establish an effective and sustainable system to improve the living conditions and the economic status of disadvantaged communities. This program includes  establishing self-help groups, women empowerment programs, pregnant women assistance, medical camps and health awareness,  water, sanitations and  hygiene  initiatives, relief and rehabilitation and literacy development.

  • Women Empowerment Programme
  • Self -Help Groups
    • We provide income-generating gifts to community members below poverty line. These gifts include livestock, sewing machines, income generating crafts and organic farming.  We also offer skill training which enables people to make an income that will sustain their families.
  • Pregnant Women Assistance
    • In this program the mother is registered at the initial months of pregnancy and remains part of the program till the new born child becomes 3 Years. These children would be eventually part of our Child development projects. 
  • Medical Camps and Health awareness
    • Rural communities in India severely lack healthcare and awareness. Most of the children are malnourished and anemic. We raise health awareness through community classes, rallies and special events. Topics include AIDS, hygiene, pregnancy, childcare, child marriage, first aid and disease prevention. Our goal is to reach the deprived community members with basic health awareness.  We also provide medical checkups and vitamins to hundreds of children each year. Qualified medical professionals examine community members, offer medical advice, prescribe treatment and refer people for further care when necessary.
  • Water, sanitations and  hygiene  initiatives
  • Relief and rehabilitation
    • Disaster, tragedy, illness and poverty can all deprive community members of their most basic needs. They find themselves lacking things that many of us take for granted, such as food, water, shelter, clothing and care. We practically help people in these types of situations through humanitarian assistance. We provide relief in response to disasters such as flooding, earthquakes and cyclones. We freely give items like blankets, roofing sheets and temporary construction materials, food items etc.  to that in need. And we regularly care for the neglected members of society—such as widows, orphans, chronic patients, poor  and the disabled—through providing assistance to meet their basic needs.
  • Literacy Development:
    • Most of the adults in rural part of our nation lack the ability to help their children with homework, read about current events or understand vital information like expiry dates etc, Many are trapped in unskilled labor with no hope to rise out of poverty.  We conduct adult literacy classes through our training centers.   The literacy classes empower community members to pursue knowledge, make informed decisions and create a better life for themselves and their families.

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